My name's Mikhail Samin, aka Mihonarium aka Миша Самин. I write code and make cool stuff. And I care about the future of humanity.
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Last projects
Printing of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality in Russian
I've launched a crowdfunding campaign for the printing of a book by Eliezer Youdkowsky (in English: hpmor.com), that became the most funded Russian crowdfunding campaign with the largest number of backers. As a result, 63 010 books where printed.
Career guide: helps to find a fulfilling career that does good. We're translating and printing this book in Russian, and will give the book to the winners of olympiads.
Music recognition API. More than 52 million songs in the DB, modern technologies (neural networks and stuff). Try the music recognition using the Chrome extension or bots in Twitter, Telegram, FB Messenger. The API Docs: docs.audd.io, and you can receive an api_token from the Telegram bot. And there are also music recognition for audio streams. Contact [email protected] for more info.
I make complex projects.
I make backend that respond to requests in fractions of milliseconds. Come up with solutions for the problems of buisness, non-profit organizations, communities. My bots for VK.com, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are handling millions of messages every day. Main languages: Golang, PHP, sometimes Python.